What The First Half of 2016 Has Told Us

Gauthier Befahy
Gauthier has been active in the IT field for over 10 years. Currently working for Scademy Ltd, He oversees global Sales and Marketing.

SCADEMY has been enjoying a successful run during the first half of 2016, with increased numbers in sales and new clients.
We could clearly see some trends throughout the course of those 6 months, and decided to take a deeper look into them.


Secure Coding as part of Group IT Security

What 2016 has displayed so far is that more and more successful companies, whether active in the IT sector, Financial sector, Healthcare or Government (to name a few) are putting a lot of effort in teaching their software engineers secure coding practices. All of them realized the importance of tackling security issues at that early stage of the Software Development Life Cycle, which will then take away a lot of work and pressure from the teams responsible of checking code quality, doing the pen-testing and ethical hacking, etc.


Retention Rate and Milestones

We are often contacted by companies who wish to send a few of their software engineers to some of our open sessions remote training sessions. In such cases, we always tend to discover why those companies are willing to pay a high amount of money per individual, instead of organizing one (or more) in-house training, and significantly reduce the cost of training per head.

Most of the time, retention rate as well as hitting milestones come into the picture.
Companies are sometimes reluctant to investing money into training while being aware that their people might be leaving in the next few years. We would here argue that the best companies are the companies who invest the most in training. Moreover, training possibilities are one of the main factors why employees look for new positions.

We also come across the „milestones issue” quite a bit. We understand that it is a major problem for companies to allocate 10-15 or more software engineers to a few consecutive days of training. That is why SCADEMY has developed into a company that will be able to work around your milestones, and ensure we can deliver the training sessions when those are best for YOU! Our large pool of trainers give us the possibility to be very much flexible when it comes to scheduling.


Onsite vs Online

We, as a company, have kept our focus on onsite sessions throughout the years for a very simple reason : knowledge retention. We came to realize that secure coding is first and foremost practical skills that need to be applied on the next business day. The best way to achieve that is by attending an onsite training session, led by an instructor. We have also developed our own teaching methodology, called „Live Hacking Fun”. We teach positive and negative security using that methodology, and our virtual machine.


Educational Programme

2016 has been a year full of SCADEMY education program. Companies (American for the most part) have trusted in order to build complete educational program for them. By doing so, they trust us to deliver several onsite training session sin the course of the year, so they can achieve complete secure coding education throughout their software engineering pool.
We are currently involved in such program in various U.S. States such as Minnesota, Massachusetts, California…


New Technologies

When you look at the Secure Coding Training landscape currently, you will see lots of offering regarding general web application security, Java courses, .NET etc.
We realized this was no longer enough when facing today’s development world. That is why we have recently developed add-ons on several technologies such as the MEAN group (MongoDB, ExpressJEE, AngularJS and NodeJS), Spring security etc.

The second part of 2016

As things stand, we are expecting those trends to become stronger and stronger as time passes. We still have a couple of weeks available during this summer where we can come and deliver training sessions. Start you software security journey today. Get in touch with us or request a call back via our contact form, and let us tell you why our existing clients chose us.