Virus… Fraud… Cybercrime : 5 dangers in 2016

Gauthier Befahy
Gauthier has been active in the IT field for over 10 years. Currently working for Scademy Ltd, He oversees global Sales and Marketing.

Virus… Fraud… Cybercrime : 5 dangers in 2016


Cybercriminals take advantage of new technologies and trends in order to expand their reign of terror. It’s a fact… none of them will go into retirement in 2016! Rather the contrary. Here are 5 dangers to be concerned about in 2016… the IoT, the cloud, new advanced technologies (smartphones etc), online fraud, and above all Cybercrime.



This is a rising threat. Hackers will block your PC, corrupt your files or encrypt them… to later ask you for an online payment in order to unlock everything again. This is a raging and growing threat that individuals and companies have to take into consideration.



Online 24/7 most of the time, a smartphone of a collection of personal data, from email addresses to credit card details. Therefore smartphones are a preferred targets for cybercriminals, who relentlessly find new ways to hack those devices, whether apple or android. After having spent a lot of efforts on the Middle-East, Europe is thought to be becoming cybercriminals’ target for 2016.


The IoT

The democratisation of the Internet of Things can be worrying. It tends to invade our daily life in order to evaluate our daily needs, measure our activities, level u pour use of energy in our homes… and so on.

The constant link between those devices and the Internet means only one thing… that they can be hacked 24/7! Whether we are talking about a thermostat to a Smart TV.

It can take an obscure turn in case of security cameras, for example… Someone could potentially temper with your protection system and get into your home without being noticed. It is believed that 2016 will reveal how great… and how vulnerable the IoT is.


Clouds… in the cloud?

The cloud has taken over, no doubt about it. However, it has a double interest for cybercriminals.

Its power can be hijacked, and sued for other goals, while the data the cloud holds can be considered a very serious „treasure” in which people will be tempted to take a peak! 2016 is likely to reveal whether the cloud is… as safe as people think it is.


Cybercriminals gangs

Cybercriminals have now developed into large underground organizations. They spend weeks, even months on „assignments” missions in order to evaluate the field before proceeding to attacks. Those gangs also have a structure, with specialized hackers, people re-selling the stolen data, and also managers. Those organizations are very likely to be heard of a lot in this year.


Security IS important, and companies should invest in order to tighten it! Infrastructure and Development should be re-enforced. Pre- and post-crisis management also. Do not wait any longer, the danger is here.