|    Remote training    |

The environment should include

  • A personal computer or laptop with internet connection
  • A microphone
  • A webcam if you want a more personalized experience
  • (Optional) Two computer screens, one for the VM and one for the course material and the meeting tool

|    Classroom training    |

The equipped classroom should include

  • A projector (beamer)
  • A board or a flip-chart
  • Personal computers for all participants with any OS that can run virtual machine images
  • Participants can bring their own laptops
  • Internet access for participants and the trainer
  • Table, desk distribution that is easy to walk around so that the trainer can handle individual needs and any problems that the participants may have during the practical exercises

A pre-installed exercise environment in the form of desktop virtual machine will be distributed on USB sticks for the participants at the start of the course.

Hardware and software specifications for the used host PCs are (both on site and remote)

  • CPU equivalent to Core i5 (virtualization technology is recommended), minimum Core i3 (or equivalent laptop processors)
  • 8GB memory is recommended, minimum 4GB
  • At least 20-40GB free space on the disk (depending on the guest OS used)
  • Display resolution minimum 1024x768 (the larger the better)
  • Virtualbox or Hyper-V Manager
  • Web browser and PDF reader
  • Online meeting tool (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc.)