An interview with Trust In Soft CEO Fabrice Derepas and Scademy CEO Zoltan Hornak

Monday, May 2, 2022, Budapest, Hungary

Discussing the key elements on how to write a secure code

A few weeks ago, Trust In Soft’s Fabrice Derepas and Scademy’s CEO, Zoltan Hornak, sat down for an afternoon chat to discuss security-related questions. The two CEOs met years ago thanks to a joint research program, and they have been growing their own companies ever since. While TrustInSoft is developing tools to analyze a code for any hidden bugs based on mathematical models, Scademy has developed a company-wide secure coding education program for developers.

In this webinar, the two will talk about the secure coding practices used today and why it is essential to follow these during the development process. Also, the conversation includes other topics such as what tools can be used to detect bugs and what is the future of cyber security.

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