Artificial Intelligence is here

Thursday, Feb 16, 2023, Budapest, Hungary

Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

2023 marks the year when immensely powerful AI tools became widely available. While it is early to tell where all this will take us, the trend is clear. Those who know how to use these tools will vastly outperform those who don’t. There will be winners in this race and SCADEMY can help you become one of them.

Artificial Intelligence opens new frontiers in cybersecurity

AI will make your adversaries more capable; ensure they don’t catch you off guard. While AI can identify and predict cyber attacks, it also has offensive uses, from highly targeted social engineering attacks at scale to automated malware creation. To successfully cope with these challenges, organizations must invest in AI technologies for defense and train the workforce about this new technology and its potential.

As AI becomes more integrated into everyday systems, it creates new avenues for cyber-attacks and other malicious activities. One of the biggest security challenges of AI is adversarial attacks. These attacks can compromise data integrity and create security vulnerabilities that malicious actors can exploit. Organizations need to incorporate AI security into their overall security strategy to address these challenges. This involves identifying and mitigating potential risks, investing, and building a culture of security awareness around AI.

Boost workforce productivity 5x

Imagine onboarding new “team members” in a matter of hours. They will know the codebase, documentation, chat history, team profiles, and competencies. They will enhance your team’s productivity by answering questions, generating ideas, and challenging thinking. Have most capabilities of a senior team member for less than 10th of the price. To realize these benefits, you must prepare and actively search for opportunities. Our courses will help you spot and exploit these.

As more and more AI-based tools become available, a competent workforce will vastly outperform the competition. Knowing how to use such tools is critical to unlocking this potential. Just like with a hammer and a nail, forcing these tools onto everything won’t magically work. Eventually, everyone will learn to use these tools, and it will become the new norm. Until then, it’s a race. We at SCADEMY help you get to the finish line faster.

Our courses

AI Fundamentals
(coming soon)
This course introduces the basics of machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, with a focus on security. Designed for beginners, it covers the security risks associated with AI. Gain practical knowledge to apply AI techniques to solve real-world problems.
The course teaches how to leverage AI technologies to improve software development workflows and processes. Participants will gain practical knowledge of AI tools and techniques to enhance productivity and efficiency. The course covers topics such as prompt engineering, market research, design, code generation, testing, and debugging.
AI Security
(coming soon)
Our AI Security course provides advanced knowledge on the security risks associated with AI and how to protect your organization's AI assets. Participants will gain an understanding of AI technologies and their implications for security. The course covers topics such as AI model poisoning, adversarial attacks, and the ethical considerations of AI in security. Gain practical skills to secure your AI assets and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

Our research

AI4Cyber Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to enhance cybersecurity measures and protect against cyber threats.
AssureMOSS Automate the generation and continuous validation of secure software using open-source software components.
AI generated code security (research paper in progress)