Whichever subjects you need,
we can tailor our topics
Wherever you are, we
can deliver you a course
Whenever you need it,
we can organize it

The essential steps of inquiring and initiating a course delivery:

  • Get in touch: contact us - so that we can understand your needs better
  • Once we sort out all details (delivery types, course conent, venues, schedule, etc.), we will provide you a quote
  • Training organization kicks-off upon formal acceptance of the quote
  • Practical details for each delivery venue are collected through an on-line form (office address, daily preferred start, end and break times, local contact person
  • In parallel with this, training material is refined, finalized and shared with you ahead of the training

In-house classroom training

To get the most from educating your engineers, it is essential to change their coding habits. On classroom trainings, the interactions with the trainer – who all have a first-hand and long-standing experience in software security – trigger this change through numerous exercises and case studies. We’ll transform your staff to motivated secure coders!

How does this work

  • Trainer travels to the venue and the on-site training takes place
  • Participants are asked to sign the sign-in sheets (on the first day, or on each day, if required)
  • Technical requirements regarding the classroom and the used PCs are quite simple: the training room should have a projector and a board or a flip-chart, while participants can "bring-their-own-laptop". More details can be found here
  • Participants are kindly asked to give feedback via an evaluation form to ensure continuous development of the material and the trainer
  • Certificates of attendance are distributed to all participants
  • All events are followed up with the scanned sign-in sheet and the evaluation forms
  • A follow-up call with the key stakeholders is recommended to discuss the experience, draw conclusions and agree on the next steps

Inquire about a classroom training

Remote training

Remote delivery can come handy if the development groups are diverse and so cannot be gathered to a single venue for a training event.

How does this work

  • Delivery begins according to the agreed schedule via a web conferencing application
  • To cope with possible time zone differences, we typically break down the delivery of a one-day material to two morning or afternoon sessions. For example, a two-day course may be presented as four morning sessions
  • A browser is needed to follow the session. All necessary information (URL, ID, access code) is shared with you well ahead of each session
  • Participants are kindly asked to provide feedback on the training via an on-line evaluation form
  • Certificates of attendance are provided as e-certificates
  • All events are followed up by sharing the sign-in information and the evaluation data
  • A follow-up call with the key stakeholders is also recommended to discuss the experience, draw conclusions and agree on the next steps

Inquire about a remote training

After the training sessions, the educational program can continue with engaging in some possible follow-up activities.