SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy DELIVERS

How it works


How it works

online TRAININGS in
all time zones

How it works

Register individually to one of the open trainings organized by our local training partners

How it works

Ask for an in-house training for a group of software
engineers and our trainer will fly to your premises

How it works

Join an instructor led
interactive on-line remote course



Whichever topics you need we can
Wherever you are
we fly to you
Whenever you prefer
we organize it
Order an in-house training

Note that cancellation policies apply after a confirmed order.

Classroom trainings

Worldwide delivery
our trainer travels to your location

2-5 days in length
depending on the actual course

Our hands on labs
provide not just “real-life hacking fun”, but also give you such practical
secure coding skills that you can apply immediately on the next working day

Bring your own laptop
exercises will be executed in a pre-installed environment
in a pen-drive distributed virtual machine

On-site delivery at your premises
in-house trainings are the most preferred delivery method
for corporate development groups

Open sessions allowing individual enrolment
are organized together with our training partners at various locations

Attend a classroom training


Projector (beamer)

White-board or flip-chart

Personal computers for all participants or
participants should bring their own laptops

Internet access both for the participants
and the trainer

The distribution of the seats and the tables should allow the trainer to easily walk around and help participants in their individual needs


CPU equivalent to Core i5 with virtualization technology
(or laptop equivalent)

4GB is recommended, minimum is 2GB

At least 20 GB free space on the HDD

Display minimum 1024×768
(the larger the better)

Keyboard, mouse: any can be used as long as participants are familiar with them. Local keyboard layouts are supported by the VM.

VMware Player or VirtualBox to run the virtual machines for the exercises

ON-LINE trainings

Instructor-led interactive remote presentation
(slides + audio + chat)

Half-day long blocks adjusted to your time zone preferences
(a two-day course may be presented in four mornings or four afternoons)

Demonstrated exercises
the on-line presentations include the live demonstration of hacking techniques and mitigation solutions,
as well as architectural protections and secure coding guidelines.

Register to an on-line training

On-line trainings

Wideband internet connection

A browser with installed web conferencing application
(Webex, GotoWebinar, or any other preferred by you)

Accounts to web conferencing services
(in case your company’s internal services are used)

Audio - either VoIP through the remote presentation services (headphones needed), or
by using an external voice conferencing service

Session access codes will be distributed in the invitation e-mails

Exams and Certificates

SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy issues a Certificate of Attendance to each participants.
Those who successfully pass the exam - ordered together with a training or taken separatedly -
will receive a Certificate of Completition.

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