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Train the Trainer - Fundamentals

  • CL-TTF
  • 2 days
  • Education, Soft skills


This course is an intensive, hands-on, two-day program designed specifically for aspiring trainers who aim to effectively share knowledge and engage their audience. This comprehensive program combines theoretical insights with practical applications to equip participants with the necessary skills to deliver impactful training sessions.

Attendees will dive into the intricacies of effective teaching, exploring the psychological aspects of learning, the dynamics of classroom management and the use of training methodologies. The course offers an in-depth understanding of how to create a successful learning environment.

From understanding the neuroscience behind learning to managing individual personalities in a group, this course is a deep dive into the art and science of training. It is not just about learning to teach, but also about learning to inspire, motivate, and lead learners towards their goals.

Participants attending this course will

  • Understand the fundamental principles behind effective training
  • Be able to manage different group dynamics and engage diverse learners
  • Learn and apply various teaching methodologies and techniques
  • Gain confidence in delivering impactful training sessions
  • Be able to effectively handle feedback and continuously improve their training skills


  • Understanding the training framework
  • Exploring the neuroscience of learning
  • Developing the trainer's mindset and skills
  • Understanding and managing your learners
  • Utilizing a diverse training toolset

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General knowledge



Delivery methods

Onsite / Virtual classroom

Course reviews

Table of contents

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Introduction
    • Basics
      • Let's start
      • The Cambridge word study
      • What's the most important skill?
      • Why you need to know?
      • The most important thing
      • We are SCADEMY
      • Why?
      • Your goals
      • What's in it for You?
      • How to get the most out of this training?
      • Let's meet
      • Our brief itinerary
  • Training framework
    • Starting a training
      • First impressions
      • Overture
      • Position yourself
      • Ethos
      • Positioning with ethos
      • Meet your learners
    • Ending a training
      • The SPIN technique
      • Check back on expectations
    • Focusing on what's most important
      • First things first
      • What's the most important skill?
      • Manage time
    • Capturing and sustaining attention
      • The human attention span
      • Attention is a finite resource
      • Capture and sustain attention
      • Start with a bang
      • Engage emotionally
      • Interactive elements
    • How we learn?
      • How the brain stores memories
      • The memory recall process, How your brain remembers?
      • Breaking Down Complex Concepts for Better Learning
      • The Three Stages of Learning: I Know, I Can, I Do
      • Reinforcing Neural Pathways Through Repetition
  • You, the trainer
    • Self-confidence
      • A spot on quote
      • Role of self-confidence in trainings
      • The Dunning-Kruger effect
      • A word on authenticity
      • You don't have to be the best
      • Find allies
      • Handle the unknown
      • Some default coping mechanisms for the unknown
    • Self-knowledge
      • Self-knowledge definiton
      • Take an inventory
      • Use your strengths
      • Improve challenging areas
    • How to prepare
      • Steps of preparing
      • Define your goals
      • Research your topic
      • Know your limits
      • Extend your limits
      • Consider your audience
      • Organize and prepare your content
      • Practice your delivery/presentation skills
      • Practice your delivery - Tips&Tricks
      • Training retrospect
      • What will you improve next?
    • Reflect and improve
      • Training succes criteria
  • Your learners
    • Giving value
      • Engage participants on multiple levels
      • Intellectual
      • Emotional
      • Physical
      • Upgrade their mental models
      • Get them ready to accept new information
      • Presenting something new
      • Checking understanding
      • Give an experience
      • A note on edutainment
      • Positive and negative experiences
      • You are the show host
      • Tangible material
      • Hands-on exercises
      • Certificates
      • Wrap it all in a package
    • Handling your group
      • The dichotomy of focus
      • Be aware of your group size
      • Different skills, experience, and expectations
      • Engagement and risk
      • Guessing
      • Questions you ask them
      • Questions they ask you
      • When you don't know the answer
      • Asking them to demonstrate something
      • When you are demonstrating
      • Providing aid
      • Learner contributions
      • Giving feedback
      • Group dynamics
      • Cultural differences
    • Everyone is different
      • Types of learners
      • The learner
      • The engaged learner
      • The lagger
      • The heckler
    • Scenario games
      • I don't know
      • You are wrong
      • Agenda is king
  • Your toolset
    • Scademy's training methodology catalog
      • The catalog
      • Motivation
      • Good presentation
      • Bad presentation
      • Importance of presentation techniques
      • The trainer's aim
      • How?
      • How to choose?
      • Use my strengths
      • Adapt to the group
      • Prepare in advance
      • There is no absolute right choice
      • Getting confident
      • Knowledge transfer
      • Feedback
      • Feedback during the training
      • Direct feedback
      • Be brave to change
    • Activities
      • Guessing game
      • Fact or myth
      • Voting
      • Find the bugs
      • Examples and counter-examples
    • Didactic methods
      • Scoratic method
      • Storytelling
      • Lecturing
      • Show and tell
    • Scademy's training platform
  • Closing and Q&A
    • References

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