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Software security is not only our mission

It is our passion

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We are looking for experienced trainers worldwide

SCADEMY is expanding in all continents. Both local trainers, speaking native languages, and also travelling trainers, flying all over the world, are wanted.

Join our team, and we guide you wherever secure coding skills are needed.

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Teaching experiences

at least 3 years of educational background

Programming languages

minimum 5 years of active software development either in C/C++/C#, JAVA or .NET

Spoken languages

fluent English is a prerequisite, speaking other world languages is an advantage

Security knowledge

good understanding of software security and basic cryptography


is not a prerequisite... It will evolve shortly

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Outstanding quality bonuses

We believe in having the best trainers

Top quality in secure coding trainings means not only non-complaining or content participants, but a performance that results in such trained and convinced professionals who go home, start using the skills that they learned from us, and also push their colleagues to learn, practice and apply secure coding too.

Quality bonuses of our trainers depend not just on the scores of the evaluation forms, but also multiply with the number of recommendations obtained.

Careers: you can start with one programming language, and then extend your trainer portfolio level by level to include all of SCADEMY’s secure coding courses.
Become our senior trainer and be the mentor of junior trainers.

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