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All software engineers should learn
how to write secure code

SCADEMY Secure Coding Academy has a clear and dedicated focus.
We do not teach IT security professionals only,
but instead we are confident that application security requires
the training of each and every software engineer.

The number of companies who made secure coding trainings
compulsory for all of their programmers
is increasing day by day.

Join us, become our Training Partner, and take part in this mission.

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Extend your IT trainings portfolio

If you offer programming or project management trainings for developers,
SCADEMY is your ideal partner to extend your offerings to your existing clients,
and to break into the booming market of IT security education.

SCADEMY provides the most complete portfolio in secure coding:

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From the hacker’s region of Europe
SCADEMY delivers

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Classroom trainings


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Remote online webinars
in all time zones

We held trainings in more than 20 countries so far…

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The simplest pricing model

We negotiate a fixed daily price with you,
adjusted to your local market.

Flat rate for all of our courses.

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We train your trainers

SCADEMY’s training materials are also available for licensing.

We prepare your trainers by comprehensive train-the-trainer sessions,
self-learning materials, video recordings and personal consultancy.

Training material is continuously updated to always include the latest
security vulnerabilities and countermeasures.
Certified SCADEMY trainers should follow our continuous education policy.

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