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At Secure Coding Academy we have a dream, a vision of a safe and secure IT world,
where all software engineers will know how to write secure code.


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The trainer was very knowledgable and enthusiastic. Prepared to add/modify content.

January 2019, London, United Kingdom

Huge wealth of information covering a wide variety of topics.

January 2019, London, United Kingdom

Broad range of information - Lot to think about!

January 2019, Mansfield, United Kingdom

The range of topic covered, very broad

January 2019, Mansfield, United Kingdom

Great overview and structured material and clear communication and teaching.

February 2019, Örebro, Sweden

It is very complete, it covers everything.

February 2019, Nivelles, Belgium

Coverage of the topic is good

March 2019, Göteborg, Sweden

Good to get an overwiev about the topic

March 2019, Göteborg, Sweden

Case studies were interesting

March 2019, Göteborg, Sweden

Interesting excercises, which were already prepared

March 2019, Göteborg, Sweden

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The cheapest and the most effective way
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Your programmers work hard each day... produce vulnerable code

Resulting in hundreds of security bugs yearly... test find

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from their next working day

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