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At Secure Coding Academy we have a dream, a vision of a safe and secure IT world,
where all software engineers will know how to write secure code.


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      Our instructor was very knowledgeable and could easily cope with transferring that knowledge to people with different levels of experience in the presented field.

      January 2021, Virtual, United Kingdom

      Clear examples, exercises in the VM were good, building up from "first principles" helped understanding.

      January 2021, Virtual, United Kingdom

      I really liked the pacing, it gives time to explore a lot of subjects without just scratching the surface of them. Other than that I liked a lot the exercises in the VM, very nice addition.

      January 2021, Virtual, United Kingdom

      The provided code examples and the simulator environment helped a lot to understand the big picture.

      March 2021, Virtual, Switzerland

      My favourite was the Payment manipulation part, that was total awesome.

      March 2021, Virtual, India

      The secure coding practices helped me get a better understanding of the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks. It definitely provided new insights.

      March 2021, Virtual, India

      The training really added new insights to my learning. Especially the secure coding part that helped me understand the OWASP Top 10 Web application security risks better.

      March 2021, Virtual, India

      The instructor is knowledgeable and the material matches our needs.

      April 2021, Virtual, Switzerland

      The course gave an overview of potential risks and we were practicing every vulnerability we discussed.

      April 2021, Virtual, USA

      Well prepared material and good and professional trainers.

      May 2021, Virtual, USA

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